The Orders of Battle For
The 100 Days Campaign

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A note about this Orders of Battle section

The three orders of battle (OBs), i.e., Anglo-Allied, French and Prussian, will appear in "new" browsers when you click on their respective flag icons. Each OB contains a very large image-mapped .gif image that cannot be viewed in this frame without left-right scrolling. I have therefore decided it would be best for them to appear in full-screen non-scrolling browser windows.

You will also notice that, unlike this and the other pages on my site which have a parchment background, the OB pages have white backgrounds.  This is again due to the .gif images; the text has a slight shadowing and this effect, which looks very nice on a white background, would lose much of its integrity over the parchment background.

Please remember that this page will still be active (in an inactive status) in this browser when you begin viewing the OBs in the "new" browser that will open when you click on a flag icon. When you are finished viewing the OBs, just click on the "X" icon in the upper right corner of the browser and it will close, making this the active browser once again.  In addition, you can leave both browsers open and switch between them if you like.


These OBs were created by . Mr. Jones states that there are bound to be some mistakes in these OBs and requests that you e-mail him if you should detect (or suspect) any, and let him know where they are.

Thank you to J.C. Lang for help with the French translations and also to Martin Liechty for help with the German translations.


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