Napoleonic Literature
Waterloo Excerpts
Officer Casualty List for the Anglo-Allied Army:
18 June 1815
(Extracted from the London Gazette.)

    General Staff—Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton, G. C. B.; Major-General Sir W. Ponsonby, K. C. B.; Colonel Baron Charles Ompteda; Lieutenant-Colonel E. Currie, Ninetieth Foot, A. A. General.
    Brigade Major Staff, K. G. L.—Captain Henry Weigman.
    General Staff—Captain Honourable William Curzon, Sixty-ninth Foot, D. A. A. G.; Captain Walter Crofton, Fifty-fourth Foot, Brigade-Major; Captain T. Reignolds (Major), Second R. N. B. Dragoons, Brigade-Major; Captain Charles Eccles, Ninety-fifty Foot, Brigade-Major, Captain de Cloudt, K. G. L.
    First Life-Guards—Major Samuel Ferrior (Lieutenant-Colonel), and Captain M. Lind.
    Second Life-Guards—Richard Fitzgerald (Lieutenant-Colonel).
    Royal Regiment Horse-Guards Blue—Major Robert C. Pack.
    First Dragoon Guards—Captain John D. Bringhurst (Major); Captain George Battersby; and Adjutant Thomas Shelver.
    Second or R. N. B. Dragoons—Lieutenant-Colonel James J. Hamilton; Captain G. L. Barnard; Lieutenant Trotter; Cornets Edward Westly, F. C. Kinchant, and L. Shuldham.
    Sixth Dragoons—Adjutant Michael Cluskey.
    Tenth Hussars—Major Hon F. Howard, and Lieutenant George Gunning.
    Eleventh Light Dragoons—Lieutenant Edward Phillips.
    Twelfth Light Dragoons—Lieutenant L. J. Bertie, and Cornet J. F. Lockhart.
    Thirteenth Light Dragoons—Captain James Gubbins. Fifteenth Hussars—Major Edward Griffith, and Lieutenant Isaac Sherwood.
    Sixteenth Light Dragoons—Captain J. P. Buchanan; and Cornet Alexander Hay.
    First Light Dragoons, K. G. L.—Captain Frederick Peters; and Lieutenants C. F. Sevetson and Otto Kuhlmann.
    Second Light Dragoons, K. G. L.—Captain F. B. Bulow, and Cornet H. Drangmeister.
    Third Hussars, K. G. L.—Captain Augustus Kerssenbruh and George Jansen; Cornet William Deickmann; and Adjutant Henry Bruggemann.
    Royal Artillery, K. G. L.—Lieutenant Detlef de Schulzen.
    First Guards, second battalion—Sir Francis D'Oyley (Lieutenant-Colonel).
    First Guards, third battalion—Captains Edward Stables (Lieutenant-Colonel), and Charles Thomas (Lieutenant-Colonel); Ensign Edward Pardoe.
    Coldstream Guards, second battalion—Lieutenant John Lucie Blackman.
    Third Guards, second battalion—Lieutenants Honourable Hastings Forbes (Captain), Thomas Crawford (Captain), and John Ashton (Captain).
    First Foot, third battalion—Lieutenant William Young, and Ensign William Anderson.
    Twenty-third Foot, first battalion—Captains Joseph Hawtyn (Major), Charles Joliffe, and Thomas Farnier; Lieutenant G. Fensham.
    Twenty-seventh Foot, first battalion—Captain George Holmes; Ensign Samuel Ireland.
    Twenty-eighth Foot—Captain W. Meacham.
    Thirtieth Food, second battalion—Major J. W. Chambers; Captain Alexander M'Nabb; Lieutenants Henry Beere and Edward Prendergast; Ensigns John James and James Bullen.
    Thirty-third Foot—Lieutenants R. H. Buck and James Hart.
    Fortieth Foot, first battalion—Major A. R. Heyland; Captain W. Fisher.
    Fifty-second Foot—Ensign W. Nettles. Sixty-ninth Foot—Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Morice (Colonel); Captains Benjamin Hobhouse and R. Blackwood.
    Seventy-first Foot—Ensign John Todd.
    Seventy-third Foot—Captains Alexander Robertson and John Kennedy; Lieutenant Matthew Hollis; Ensigns Samuel Lowe and Charles Page.
    Seventh-ninth Foot, first battalion—Lieutenants D. M'Pherson and E. Kennedy.
    Ninety-fifth Foot, first battalion—First Lieutenant Edward Duncan Johnstone.
    First Light Battalion, K. G. L.—Captains Philip Holzermann, Henry Marschalk, and Alexander Goeben; Lieutenant Anthony Albert.
    Second Battalion, K. G. L.—Captains A. Boseweil (Major), and William Schaumann; Ensign Frederick Robertson.
    First Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Captain Charles Holle.
    Second Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Captain George Tibe.
    Third Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Captain Frederick Didel.
    Fourth Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Ensign Frederick Cronhelm.
    Fifth Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Captain C. Wurmb, Adjutant Laves Schuck.
    Eighth Line Battalion, K. G. L.—Captains William Voight and T. Westernhagen; Lieutenant William Mahrenholz.


    General Staff—General His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, G. C. B. severely; Lieutenant-General the Earl of Uxbridge, G. C. B. severely (right leg amputated); Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Alten, K. C. B. severely; Major-General Cooke, severely (left arm amputated); Major-General Sir E. Barnes, K. C. B. severely; Major-General Frederick Adam, severely; Major-General Sir James Kempt, K. C. B. slightly; Major-General Sir Charles Halket, K. C. B. severely; Major-General Sir William Doernberg, K. C. B. severely; Major-General Sir Denis Pack, K. C. B. slightly; Colonel Charles Duplat, severely (since dead); Colonel Sir John Elley, K. C. B. Royal Horse Guards (Blue), D. A. G. severely.
    Permanent Staff—Colonel Sir William Delancey, K. C. B. Deputy-Quarter-Master-General, severely (since dead).
    General Staff—Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Henry Bradford, K. C. B. First Guards, Assistant-Quarter-Master-General, severely; Lieutenant-Colonel Honourable Alexander Abercrombie, Coldstream Guards, Assistant-Quarter-Master-General, slightly.
    Unattached—Lieutenant-Colonel John Waters, A. A. G. slightly.
    General Staff—Lieutenant-Colonel Sir H. Berkeley, K. C. B. Thirty-fifth Foot, A. A. G. severely; Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alexander Gordon, K. C. B. Third Guards, Aid-de-camp to His Grace the Duke of Wellington, severely (since dead); Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Fox Canning, Aid-de-camp to His Grace the Duke of Wellington, severely (since dead); Major Honourable George Dawson, A. Q. M. G. slightly; Major Charles Beckwith, Ninety-fifth Foot, A. Q. M. G. severely; Major Andrew Hamilton, Fourth West-Indian Regiment Aid-de-camp to Major-General Sir E. Barnes, slightly; Major L'Estrange, Seventy-first Foot, Aid-de-camp to Major-General Sir D. Pack, severely (since dead); Captain Honourable E. S. Erskine, Sixtieth Foot, D. A. A. G. severely (left arm amputated); Captain Edward Fitzgerald, Twenty-fifth Foot, D. A. Q. M. G. slightly; Captain T. Hunter Blair (Major), Ninety-first Foot, Brigade-Major, severely; Captain G. de Eureur, Staff, K. G. L. severely; Captain T. Noel Harris, half-pay, severely (right arm amputated); Captain Henry Baines, Royal Artillery, slightly; Captain William Stothert, Third Guards, severely (since dead); Captain Orlando Bridgman, First guards, Aid-de-camp to Lord Hill, slightly; Captain Henry Dumaresq, Ninth Foot, Aid-de-camp to Major-General Byng, severely; Captain William Morey, Extra Aid-de-camp to Major-General Grant, severely; Lieutenant Ralph Mansfield, Fifteenth Hussars Aid-de-camp to Major-General Grant, slightly; Lieutenant James Rook, half-pay, Extra Aid-de-camp to His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, slightly; Lieutenant J. H. Hamilton, Forty-sixth Foot D. A. A. G. slightly; Major William Thornhill, Seventh Hussars, Aid-de-camp to Lieutenant-General the earl of Uxbridge, severely; Captain Thomas Wildman, Seventh Hussars, Aid-de-camp to Lieutenant-General the Earl of Uxbridge, slightly; J. J. Fraser, Seventh Hussars, Aid-de-camp to Lieutenant-General the Earl of Uxbridge, slightly; Lieutenant Horace Seymour, Eighteenth Hussars, Aid-de-camp to Lieutenant-General the Earl of Uxbridge, slightly.
    First Life Guards—Captain Edward Kelly; Cornets William Richardson and Samuel Cox, severely.
    Royal Regiment Horse-Guards (Blue)—Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Robert C. Hill, severely; Lieutenant-Colonel Clement Hill, slightly; Lieutenants William Cunliffe Shawe and Everard William Bouverie, slightly.
    First Dragoon Guards—Captain Michael Turner, severely; Captain J. F. Naylog, slightly; Captain J. P. Sweney, severely; Lieutenant W. D. Irvine, slightly. .....First (Royal) Dragoons—Captain C. E. Radcliffe (M.) severely; Captain A. R. Clarke; Lieutenants G. Gunning and Sig. Trafford, slightly; T. R. Kelly, severely; Sam. Wyndowe, slightly; C. Ommany, S. Goodenough, and Charles Blois, severely.
    Second (R. N. B.) Dragoons—Majors J. B. Clarke (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; J. P. Hankin (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Captains James Poole (Major) and Richard Vernon, severely; Lieutenant John Mills, slightly; Francis Stupart, James Carruthers, Severely (since dead); and Charles Wyndham, severely.
    Sixth Dragoons—Lieutenant-Colonel Muter (Colonel), slightly; Major F. S. Miller (Lieutenant-Colonel); Captains W. F. Brown and Honourable S. Douglas; Lieutenant Alexander Hassard, severely.
    Seventh Hussars—Captains Thomas William Robins, William Vernor, and P. A. Heyliger; Lieutenants R. Douglas, Edward Peters, and Robert Beattie, severely.
    Tenth Hussars—Lieutenant-Colonel George Quentin (Colonel), severely; Captain John Grey, slightly; Captains John Gurwood and Charles Wood; Lieutenants Robert Arnold and Anthony Bacon, severely.
    Eleventh Light Dragoons—Captain J. A. Schreiber, slightly; Lieutenants Frederick Wood, severely; Richard Coles, slightly; and Robert Milligan, severely.
    Twelfth Light Dragoons—Lieutenant-Colonel Honourable F. C. Ponsonby (Colonel), and Captain Edwin Sandys, severely; Lieutenant W. H. Dowbeggen, slightly.
    Thirteenth Light Dragoons—Lieutenant-Colonel S. Boyce; Captains Joseph Doherty, George Doherty, and Charles Bowers, slightly; Lieutenant John Gale, severely (since dead); Lieutenant John Pym, severely (since dead); Lieutenants John H. H. Irwin, James Mill, and George H. Pack, slightly.
    Fifteenth Hussars—Lieutenant-Colonel Leighton Dalrymple, severely (leg amputated); Captain Joseph Thackwell, severely (arm amputated); Captain John R. Whiteford, and Lieutenant William Byam, severely; Lieutenants Edward Byam and George A. Dawkins, slightly; Lieutenant Henry Buckley, severely (since dead).
    Sixteenth Light Dragoons—Lieutenant-Colonel James Hay, severely; Captain Richard Weyland, and Lieutenant William Osten, slightly; Lieutenant N. D. Crichton, severely.
    Eighteenth Hussars—Lieutenant Charles Hesse, and Adjutant J. Duperiere, severely.
    Twenty-third Light Dragoons—Major J. M. Cutliffe, severely; Captain C. Webb Dance, slightly; Captain Thomas Gerrard (Major); and Lieutenant Thomas B. Wall, severely; Lieutenant Brabasin Disney, slightly.
    First Light Dragoons, K. G. L.—Lieutenant-Colonel John Bulow, severely; Major A. Reitzenstein, slightly; Captain B. Bothmer, severely; Captains P. Sichart and G. Hattorf, slightly; Lieutenant O. Hammerstein, severely; Lieutenants W. Mackenzie and Henry Bosse, slightly; Cornets S. H. Vanne and Tritton, severely; Adjutant W. Tricke, slightly.
    Second Light Dragoons, K. G. L.—Lieutenant-Colonels C. de Jonquires and C. Maydell, slightly; Captain T. Harling; severely; Lieutenant H. H. C. Ritter, severely; Cornet F. Loveny, severely.
    First Hussars, K. G. L.—Lieutenant George Baring, slightly.
    Third Hussars, K. G. L.—Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis Meyer, severely; Captains Quintus Goeben and William Schuchen, slightly; Lieutenants Herman True and Christopher Oehlkers; severely; Cornet Frederick Froyer, slightly; Cornets Conrad Dassel and Hans Hodenberg, severely.
    Royal Artillery, British—Major William Lloyd, severely; Captain Charles Napier, severely; Captain John Parker (Major) severely (left leg amputated); Captain Robert Bull (Major) slightly; Captains E. C. Whinyates, C. C. Dansey, R. Macdonald, and W. Webber, slightly.
    Royal Artillery, King's German Legion—Captain Augustus Sympher, slightly; Captain William Brann, severely.
    Royal Artillery, British—T. F. Strangeways, slightly; Lieutenant W. L. Brereton, severely; W. L. Robe, severely (since dead); Lieutenant William Smith, slightly; Lieutenant M. Cromie, severely (both legs amputated); Lieutenant Henry Foster, severely; Lieutenants D. Crawford and J. Day, slightly; Lieutenant C. Spearman, severely; Lieutenant F. Manners, severely (since dead); Lieutenant T. Harvey, severely (right arm amputated); Lieutenant William Poole, severely.
    Royal Artillery, King's German Legion—Lieutenants Lewis Erythropel and Lewis Heise, severely.
    Royal Engineers—Lieutenant J. W. Pringle, slightly.
    Royal Staff Corps—Captain Thomas Wright, slightly; Lieutenant George D. Hall, severely.
    First Guards, second battalion—Captain Richard Henry Cooke (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; and W. H. Milnes, (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely (since dead); Lieutenants Francis Luttrel (Captain), and Somerville W. Burgess (Captain), severely; Ensign Henry Lascelles, slightly.
    First guards, third battalion—Captain Henry D'Oyley (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain George Feed (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Lieutenant Honourable Robert Clements (Captain), severely; Lieutenant Charles Parker Ellis (Captain), slightly; Ensign Robert Batty, slightly; Ensign Robert Bruce, severely.
    Coldstream Guards, second battalion—Captain Daniel M'Kinnon (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Captain Henry Wyndham (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Lieutenants Edward Sumner (Captain), and Honourable Robert Moore (Captain), severely; Ensign Henry Frederick Griffiths, severely; Ensign John Montague, slightly; Ensign Henry Vane, severely.
    Third Guards, second battalion—Captain Charles Dashwood (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captains Edward Bowater (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Charles West (Lieutenant-Colonel); Lieutenant Robert Bamford Hesketh (Captain), slightly; Lieutenant George Evelyn (Captain), severely; Lieutenant High Montgomerie; Ensigns Charles Lake and David Baird; Charles Simpson, severely (since dead).
    First Foot, third battalion—Major Colin Campbell (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain L. Arquimbeau (Major);, slightly; Captains Robert M'Donald and Hugh Massey (Majors), severely; Lieutenants Archibald Morrison, George Lane, J. F. Miller, and William Dobbs, severely; Lieutenants Robert H. Scott and J. L. Black, slightly; Ensigns Thomas Stevens and Joseph M'Kay, slightly; Ensign Leond. M. Cooper, severely; Quarter-Master Thomas Griffiths, slightly.
    Fourth Foot, first battalion—Captains G. D. Wilson and James C. Edgill, slightly; Lieutenants John Brown, George Smith, Halkett Boyd, and William Squires, severely; Lieutenant Robert Gerrard, slightly; Ensign W. M. Matthews, slightly; Adjutant W. M. Richardson, severely.
    Fourteenth Foot, third battalion—Ensign Alfred Cooper, slightly.
    Twenty-third Foot, first battalion—Lieutenant Colonel Sir H. W. Ellis, K. C. B. (Colonel), severely (since dead); Major J. H. E. Hill (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain Henry Johnson, slightly; Lieutenants W. A. Griffiths, severely; John Clyde, and R. D. Sidley, slightly.
    Twenty-seventh Foot, first battalion—Captain John Hare (Major), slightly; Captain John Tucker, severely; Lieutenants G. M'Donald, W. Henderson, R. Handcock, W. F. Fortescue, T. Craddock, E. W. Drew, C. Manley, and John Millar, severely; Ensign Thomas Smith, severely; Ensign John Ditmas, slightly; Ensign T. Handcock, severely.
    Twenty-eighth Foot—Major R. Nixon (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain Richard Kelly, slightly; Captains T. English, W. F. Wilkinson, Roger P. Gilbert, Henry Hillyard, Charles B. Carruthers, John T. Clarke, severely; Captains John Willington Shelton, and John Dares, slightly; Captain G. Ingram, severely (since dead); Ensign J. Mountsteven, severely; Adjutant Thomas Bridgland, slightly.
    Thirtieth Foot—Majors William Bailey (Lieutenant-Colonel), and C. A. Vigoureux (Lieutenant Colonel), severely; Captain A. Gore, slightly; Lieutenant R. C. Elliot, slightly; Lieutenants John Numby and John Pratt, severely; Lieutenants R. Hughes, T. Moneypenny, R. Daniel, John Roe (second), slightly; Lieutenant W. O. Warren, severely; Adjutant M. Andrews, slightly.
    Thirty-second Foot—Captain High Harrison, severely; Lieutenants Thomas Rosslewin and James Colthurst, slightly; Lieutenants Horan and Jonathan Jagoe, severely; Ensigns J. M'Couchy, John Birtwhistle, and William Bennett, severely; Adjutant David Davis, severely.
    Thirty-third Foot—Captains Charles Knight and J. Harty, slightly; Lieutenants Thomas Reid, R. Westmore, and Samuel Pagan, severely; Lieutenants Thomas Haight and John Cameron, severely (since dead); Ensigns W. Bain and — Drury, severely; Adjutant W. Thain, slightly.
    Fortieth Foot—Captains C. Ellis and J. H. Barnett, severely; Lieutenants R. Moore, J. Mill, and J. Anthony, severely; Lieutenant J. Campbell, slightly; Honourable M. Brown, severely; Lieutenant J. Robb, slightly; Ensigns F. Ford and J. Clarke, severely.
    Forty-second Foot—Captain Mungo M'Pherson, slightly; Lieutenants John Orr and John Gunn Munro, severely; Lieutenants Hugh A. Fraser and James Brander, slightly; Quarter-Master Donald M'Intosh, slightly.
    Forty-fourth Foot—Major George O'Mealy (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Lieutenant James Burke, severely; Adjutant Thomas M'Can, severely.
    Fifty-first Foot—Captain Samuel Beardesley, severely; Lieutenant Charles W. Tyndale, slightly.
    Fifty-second Foot—Major Charles rowan (Lieutenant-Colonel), slightly; Captain Charles Diggle, severely; Captain James Frederic Live (Major), severely; Lieutenant Charles Dawson, severely; Lieutenant Matthew Anderson, severely (left leg amputated); Lieutenants George Campbell and Thomas Cottingham, severely; Adjutant John Winterbottom, severely.
    Sixty-ninth Foot—Captain Lewis Watson (Major), severely; Ensigns Henry Anderson and Edward Hodder, severely.
    Seventy-first Foot, first battalion—Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Reynell (Colonel), slightly; Major Arthur Jones (Lieutenant Colonel), severely; Captain Donald Campbell, slightly; Captains William A. Grant and James Henderson, severely; Captain Chas. Johnson (Major), slightly; Lieutenant Joseph Barralier, slightly; Lieutenant John Raleigh Elwes, severely (since dead); Lieutenants Robert Lind and Robert Lawe, severely; Lieutenants Carique Lewin, John Roberts, and John Coote, slightly; Adjutant W. Anderson, slightly.
    Seventy-third Foot—Lieutenant-Colonel W. G. Harris (Colonel), severely; Major Archibald M'Lean, severely; Captains Henry Coane, William Wharron and John Garland, severely; Lieutenants John M'Connel and Thomas Reynolds, severely; Lieutenant Donald Browne, severely (left arm amputated); Ensign William M'Bean, severely; Ensign Charles Eastwood, slightly; Ensign George Bridge, severely; Adjutant Patrick Hay, severely.
    Seventy-ninth Foot—Captains James Campbell, Neil Campbell, severely; Captain John Cameron, severely (since dead); Lieutenants John Powling, D. Cameron, and Ewen Cameron, severely; Lieutenants A. Cameron, C. M'Arthur, and A. Forbes; Ensigns John Nash and A. S. Crawford, slightly.
    Ninety-second Foot—Captains Peter Wilkie and Archibald Ferrier, slightly; Lieutenants Robert Winchester and Donald M'Donald, severely; Lieutenant James Kerr Ross, slightly; Lieutenant James Hope, severely.
    Ninety-fifth Foot, first battalion—Lieutenant-Colonel Sir A. F. Bernard, K. C. B. (Colonel), slightly; Major Alexander Cameron (Lieutenant Colonel), severely; Captains Edward Chawner and William Johnstone; First Lieutenants John Malloy, John Gardiner, George Simmons, and John Stillwell, severely (since dead); Second Lieutenants Allen Stewart, James Wright, and James Church, severely.
    Ninety-fifth Foot, second battalion—Majors Amos Godsell Norcott (Lieutenant-Colonel), and George Wilkins (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain George Miller (Major); Captain John M'Colloch, severely (left arm amputated); Lieutenants William Humble and Edward Coxon, severely; Lieutenants Donald Cameron, Robert Cochrane, John Fry, slightly; Lieutenants John Ridgway, Joseph Lynam, Richard Eyre, Joseph Walsh, severely; Lieutenant Vera Webb, slightly. .....Ninety-fifth Foot, third battalion—Major John Ross (Lieutenant-Colonel), severely; Captain James Fullerton (Major), severely; First Lieutenants J. T. Worsley and G. H. Shenley, severely.
    First Light Battalion, King's German Legion—Major Hans Bussche, severely (right arm amputated); Captain Fred. Gilsa, severely; Lieutenants Christian Heise and Ker Wolrabe, severely; Lieutenant Adolphus Koster, slightly; Lieutenant H. Leonhart, severely; Ensign A. Gentzkoow, slightly; Ensigns Charles Behne and A. Heise, severely.
    Second Light Battalion, King's German Legion—Lieutenant F. Kessler, severely; Lieutenant G. Meyer, slightly; Lieutenants O. Luidam and B. Riefkugel, severely; Lieutenants M. Jobin and T. Carrey, slightly; Lieutenant G. D. Grame, Ensign George Franck, Adjutant D. Timmann, severely.
    First Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Major William Robertson, severely; Captains Gerlach and Schlutter, severely; Lieutenants A. Muller and H. Wilding, severely; Ensign H. Lucken, severely; Adjutant F. Schnath, severely.
    Second Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Captain F. Purgold, severely; Lieutenant Clare Decken, severely.
    Third Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Major Anthony Boden, severely; Lieutenants Frederick Jansen and F. Leschen, severely; Lieutenants A. Kuckuck and E. Kuckuck, slightly.
    Fourth Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Major G. Chuden, severely (since dead); Captain F. Heise, slightly; Lieutenants C. Both and A. Langworth, slightly; Lieutenant W. L. De la Farque, severely; Ensign Arnold Oppuhn, slightly; Adjutant A. Hartwig, severely.
    Fifth Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Captain F. Sander, severely; Lieutenant C. Berger, severely; Lieutenant G. Klingsohr, severely.
    Eighth Line Battalion, King's German Legion—Captain C. Rougemont, severely; Lieutenant C. Sadler, slightly; Ensign W. Mareau, severely; Adjutant T. Brinmann, severely.
    Third Battalion, Royal Scots—Volunteer Richard Blackin, slightly.
    Ninety-fifth Foot, first battalion—Volunteer Charles Smith, slightly.


    Staff, King's German Legion—Captain C. D. Roberts, Br. Major.
    General Staff—Lieutenant E. Gerstlacher, Third Hussars, King's German Legion, D. A. A. G. wounded.
    Second Life-Guards—Lieutenant Samuel Weymouth.
    Royal Horse-Guards (Blue)—Captain John Thoyst.
    First Dragoon Guards—Lieutenant-Colonel William Fuller (Colonel), severely wounded; Captain Henry Graham, Lieutenant Francis Brooke, severely wounded; Cornet Honourable H. B. Bernard.
    First Dragoons—Cornet Richard Magniac.
    Sixth Dragoons—Lieutenant P. Ruffo.
    Twenty-third Light Dragoons—Lieutenant Stephen Coxen.
    Second Light Battalion, King's German Legion—Captain Ernest Holzermann, wounded.


    General Staff—Captain M. Hanbury (Brigade Major).
    Second Battalion Duke of York—Lieutenant Uffel; Ensign Berghoff.
    Field Battalion Grunbenhagen—Lieutenant-Colonel Baron Wurmb.
    First Lunenburgh Battalion—Captain Bobart; Ensign de Plato.
    Bremenvorde Battalion—Ensign Thomas Holt.
    Osterode Battalion—Ensign Schautz.


    Field Jagers—Captain de Reden, slightly; Lieutenant Grote, slightly; Lieutenant Schultze, severely.
    Second Battalion Duke of York—Major Baron Gudirig Munster; Captain F. Gotthard, severely; Captain C. Quentin, slightly; Lieutenants G. Winkler and W. Roichers, slightly; Ensigns Ludewig Nieuheuke and George Meyer, severely.
    Field Battalion Grubenhagen—Captain de Bauer, slightly.
    Field Battalion Bremen—Lieutenant-Colonel Langrehre, severely (since dead); Major Muller, slightly; Lieutenants De Quistorff (1st), and De Quistorff (2d), slightly; Adjutant Wehuer, slightly.
    Field Battalion Lunenburgh—Lieutenant-Colonel Klencke, severely.
    Field Battalion Verden—Major Schopp, slightly; Captain Jacoby, slightly; Lieutenant Selig, slightly; Lieutenant Brandis (2d), severely; Lieutenant Brandis (1st), and Suffeuplan, slightly; Ensign Planz, slightly; Adjutant Gerhard, slightly.
    Militia Battalion Bremenvorde—Lieutenant Leoper, severely (since dead); Lieutenants Wencke and Edward Meyer, severely; Ensigns Edward Wilhew and Ernest Holthausen, slightly.
    First Battalion Duke of York—Captain de Pavel, severely; Lieutenant Shol, severely; Ensign Muller, slightly.
    Third Battalion Duke of York—Major Clamer Buscke, severely.
    Salzgitter—Captain Charles Hammerstein, slightly; Lieutenant Charles Spangenberg, severely.
    Militia Battalion Handelu—Major Strube, slightly; Captain Blankhart, slightly; Lieutenant Kohle, severely; Lieutenant Kistner, slightly.
    Militia Battalion Hildesham—Major Reden, severely.
    Militia Battalion Peina—Captain Bertram, severely; Ensign Kohler, slightly; Leiutenant Helmrick: Seventh Line Battalion King's German Legion attached, severely.
    Griffhorn Battalion—Major Hammerstein; Major Leue, Fourth Battalion King's German Legion attached, severely (since dead); Captain Wredenfield, slightly; Lieutenant Schmidt, severely.
    Lunenburg—Captain Kampt; Ensigns Dornaur and Meyer.
    Verden Battalion—Lieutenants Hartzig, Wiencoken; Ensign Ziegener.
    Osterode Battalion—Major Reden; Captains Papet and Ingersleben; Lieutenants Groebe and Sambrecht.
    Munder Battalion—Captain Harstein; Lieutenants Brisberg, Breunieg, and Schwencke; Ensigns Murray and Oppermann.


    Field Battalion Lunenburg—Major Dackenhausen, wounded; Staff Surgeon Karster, Assistant-Surgeon Schmutser.
    Bremenvorde—Second Quarter-Master Rees; First Quarter-Master W. Ehlers.
    Saltzgitter—Ensign Schrader, Assistant-surgeons John Deneske and Rhomeyer.

                                                    JOHN WATERS,
                                            Lieutenant-Colonel and A. A. G.

Casualties for 17 June

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