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Purchase a Print of Minard's Graph

This is Charles Joseph Minard's famous graph of Napoleon's ill-fated Russian campaign in 1812.  This graph is reputed to be the best graph ever devised.  The brown bar depicts Napoleon's losses as he advanced into Russia in the summer of 1812 and the black bar depicts his losses on the retreat in the fall and winter of 1812.

You can purchase a copy of this famous graph from Edward Tufte and Graphics Press.  I purchased a copy for myself several years ago and am very pleased with it; therefore, I'm passing this information along to the rest of you as a public service.  I assure you, there is nothing in this for me except the knowledge that I am assisting the rest of you to obtain this very desirable item.

There are two versions of the graph.  The first is the original graph, in French, which measures 22 X 15 inches and costs $14 plus shipping.  The second is the French graph with an English translation graph below it, which measures 20 X 22 inches and costs $18 plus shipping.  Both are printed on heavy antique white matte stock in two colors -- black and brown.  The photo image shown above was taken with a hand-held digital camera and does not do justice to the actual print -- the gray background is actually a very attractive antique white.

If you have never heard of Minard's graph, or if you have but are not very familiar with it, please click here to see a large version of this graph that I made from another source.

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