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Napoleonic Magic Lantern Slides

    Following are JPEG images of five magic lantern slides depicting notable scenes in Napoleonic history. The dimensions of the original magic lantern slides are about 3 1/4 x 4 inches, which is considerably smaller than the JPEG images you will see here. The slide images are provided in two sizes (or sets), which of course are downloadable and printable. The characteristics of these two sets are as follows:     These slides were donated for your viewing pleasure by , who currently resides in California, and who will welcome e-mail enquiries from anyone who is interested in obtaining more information concerning this interesting aspect of art-history. In addition, I also invite you to visit the Magic Lantern Castle Museum for more information about magic lantern slides and magic lanterns history.
SET 1 - Maximum size is 525 p. wide or 400 p. high, viewed within this frame 

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 SET 2 - Maximum size is 750 p. wide or 600 p. high,  viewed in a new browser

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Napoleon in the Pest House of Jaffa. (1799) Prussian officers sharpening their swords on the steps of the French Embassy in Berlin prior to the battle of Jena-Auerstadt. (1806) The battle of Eylau. (1807) Napoleon's farewell to Josephine. (1809) Napoleon's body arrives in Paris from St. Helena. (1840)

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