Napoleonic Literature
Napoleon in Captivity:
The Reports of Count Balmain
Russian Commissioner on the
Island of St. Helena 1816-1820
Title Page & Table of Contents

Author:  Count Balmain
Translated and edited with introduction and notes by:  Julian Park, Professor of European History, University of Buffalo.
Published: 1927, The Century Company, New York.

One of the many books resulting from Napoleon's incarceration on St. Helena, Count Balmain's is probably the least known. The book contains an introduction and a note on the manuscript, by Julian Park, and five rather long chapters, "The Year 1816" through "The Year 1820." Each year is further broken down into "reports," ranging from reports of great length to some as short as one or two paragraphs. For more information concerning Count Balmain, his reports, and this book, please see the Introduction and Note on the Manuscript.

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Note on the Manuscript
The Year 1816
The Year 1817
The Year 1818
The Year 1819
The Year 1820