Napoleonic Literature
The Note-Books of Captain Coignet
Title Page & Table of Contents

Author:  Jean-Roche Coignet, 1776-1860
With Introduction by:  The Hon. Sir John Fortescue, 1859-1933
Published:  1928, Peter Davis Limited, London

This work reproduces the memoirs of Captain Jean-Roche Coignet, which he maintained in notebook form throughout the years he served in the French army.  Coignet's contribution is exceptional by the fact that he served in every campaign under the Consulate and the Empire: from Marengo to Waterloo.  Under British copyright law, the introduction by Sir John Fortescue is still under copyright until the year 2003; therefore, I have not reproduced it in this electronic book.

The above picture depicts Coignet in his first meeting with Napoleon during the Marengo campaign, while Coignet was still a grenadier.  This picture was taken from the Life of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Special Acknowledgment

This electronic book has been donated to the Napoleonic Literature web site by Mr. Jack Mortimer of Australia.  Everyone who reads and enjoys Coignet's memoirs owes a debt of gratitude to Jack's generosity and hard work.  As a matter of fact, Jack went "beyond the call of duty" and furnished everything to me in such finished condition that I had barely any work to do myself to put them on line for your enjoyment.  In fact, if I didn't know that he had done it, I would have sworn that I had myself!


1st NOTE-BOOK My Childhood. I am by turns Shepherd, Wagoner, and Stable-boy. I leave my native village a second time. I enter the service of M. Potier.
2nd NOTE-BOOK Departure for the Army. My military life up to the Battle of Montebello.
3rd NOTE-BOOK The Battle of Marengo. Into Spain.
4th NOTE-BOOK My Decoration. I am Poisoned. Return to my Country. The Camp of Boulogne and the first Austrian Campaign.
5th NOTE-BOOK Prussian and Polish Campaigns. Conference at Tilsit. I am made Corporal. Spanish and Austrian Campaigns. I am appointed Sergeant.
6th NOTE-BOOK Return to France. The Festivities of the Imperial Marriage. I do the duties of Sergeant-instructor, Mess-chief, and Baggage-master.
7th NOTE-BOOK The Russian Campaign. I am appointed Lieutenant on the minor Imperial Staff. The Retreat from Moscow.
8th NOTE-BOOK I am appointed Captain. Campaigns of I8I3 and I8I4. The Farewells at Fontainebleau. My visit to Coulommiers.
9th NOTE-BOOK On Half-pay. The Hundred Days. Ten Years of Superintendence. My Marriage. The Revolution of 1830. I am appointed an Officer in the Legion of Honour.
List of Actions Full List of the Actions in which Coignet was involved.

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