Napoleonic Literature
The Imperial Guard of Napoleon
Title Page & Table of Contents

Author: J.T. Headley
Published: 1851, Charles Scribner, New York

This book bears two titles: The Old Guard of Napoleon on the book's spine and The Imperial Guard of Napoleon: from Marengo to Waterloo on the title page. The author is a true apologist, meaning that he is biased to the extreme in favor of Napoleon and, because of this, his interpretation of certain events is not always historically accurate. The book contains14 chapters and is complete with the exception of several non-essential illustrations that have been left out in order to save precious disk space on the server.


Bessières, Commander of the Old Guard


Intro Introduction
I The Origin of the Imperial Guard Plan on which it was First Constituted The Consular Guard of Napoleon Its Baptism of Blood at Marengo The Moral Character of the Old Guard.
II Marengo The bloody baptism of the Consular Guard Its firmness Bonaparte's eulogium upon it after the battle Lannes made commander Changes introduced Anecdote of Lannes and Napoleon Napoleon's attack on long queues and long hair Shearing of the Guard Anger of the officers and generals Distribution of the Legion of Honor Description of the Mamelukes of the Guard.
III Recommencement of the War The Camp at Boulogne The Old Guard at Austerlitz Meeting of the Imperial Guards of the Czar and Napoleon The Guard at Jena The Velites Young Desherbiers Habits of Napoleon in Campaign His Body Guard Presentation of the Eagle to a New Regiment.
IV Creation of a regiment of Polish Lancers The Old Guard at Eylau Campaign of 1807 Treaty of Tilsit The interview of Napoleon with Alexander His influence over him The Old Guard in Spain Miraculous despatch of Napoleon when he heard of the confederacy in Germany against him His rapid ride.
V The Young Guard

Organization of the Young Guard Campaign of 1809 Extraordinary exertions of Napoleon His rapid successes Bombarding of Vienna, and first courtship of Maria Louisa Disgrace of a surgeon The Old Guard at Aspern Its last charge Incident showing how Napoleon punished the least neglect of his Guard The Guard at Wagram Sublime Spectacle Its artillery heads Macdonald's charge Difficulty of appreciating the conduct of the Guard.

VI 1810

Marriage of Napoleon to Marie Louise Augmentation of the Old Guard Grand review of the Old Guard at Paris Touching incident The brave drummer and General Gros Napoleon's treatment of them Secret of Napoleon's influence over his troops, was in the affection he inspired His prodigious memory Conversation with the Russian Chamberlain.

VII 1811

Increase of the Guard Birth of the king of Rome The excitement and joy of the Parisians at the recent creation of the pupils of the Guard Their review in presence of the Old Guard Napoleon's address to both Anecdote of one of the pupils The pupils in service of the young king of Rome.


Sublime spectacle of the army of invasion The Old Guard at Borodino Gallant Charge and death of Caulaincourt Strange conduct of Napoleon The Old Guard at the Kremlin Anecdote illustrating its honesty It saves the chest of the Army in Russia.


Narrow escape of Napoleon Disorder of the army on arriving at Smolensko Firmness of the Old Guard The famine in the city Gloomy departure The Guard passing a Russian battery The Old Guard at Krasnoi The fall of Minsk, and gloom of Napoleon His appeal to the Old Guard His joy at Ney's safety The Old Guard at Beresina Its frozen bivouacs Anecdote of an officer Departure of Napoleon for Paris, and the breaking up of the Guard Last dreadful days.

X 1813

Reorganization of the Army Death of Bessiers The Old Guard in Lutzen Its Last Charge Drouot; his Character Death of Duroc Mournful Scene around the Tent of Napoleon The Guard in Bohemia Its Astonishing March to Dresden Its Bravery Napoleon in its Squares on the Battle-field Tableau The Old Guard at Leipzic The Retreat Battle of Hanau It is won by the Guard It leaves forever the Scene of its Achievements.


Napoleon with Europe against him Care of his Guard The Guard at Rothiere Captain Hauillet Terrible cross march to attack Blucher Victory of Champs d'Aubert The Old Guard at Montmirail Its victory Its protracted marches and battles Overthrow of Blucher Return of the Guard to the help of Victor and Oudinot Its last battles and marches Desertion of Napoleon by his friends at his abdication Faithfulness of the Guard The parting scene at Fontainbleau The Guard by the side of its foes Its bearing and aspect.


Its bearing towards its foes Its anger at losing its colors The Old Guard at Elba Napoleon's habits Anecdotes illustrating the discontent of the troops in their exile Their return to France and march to Paris Reception of the Guard Last charge at Waterloo.


Its rage at the surrender of Paris Is disbanded Part come to America Champ d'Asile in Texas Last of the Guards Tomb of Napoleon.

XIV Review of the dead The office of the French Revolution Who is responsible for the wars that desolated Europe for so many years Bonaparte's policy as general As First Consul His offers of peace rejected England violates the treaty of Amiens Napoleon's relation to the free States he had organized Austria violates the treaty of Presbourg Invasion of Russia Treachery of Austria and Prussia Fall of Napoleon Campaign of Waterloo.

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