by John R. Elting with plates by Herbert Knotel

2 Vols, 856 pages total, 8 x 11 inches, 570 color plates.

One of the major publishing successes of the last decade was the publication of the two volumes of Napoleonic Uniforms by John Elting with plates by Herbert Knotel. Now two more new and very handsome volumes are to be published of Napoleonic Uniforms.

No other period of history has produced such magnificent uniforms as those worn by soldiers involved in the Napoleonic Wars. This superb two-volume set depicts in magnificent colour the uniforms of more than 30 major and minor European states.

Herbert Knotel's plates, recognised by uniformologists as being amongst the best and most accurate, fully capture all the beauty, verve and swagger of this colourftil episode in military history. This entirely new superb two-volume set, Napoleonic Uniforms: Vassels and Enemies, depicts in magnificent colour more than five hundred plates, each with an authoritative caption by Colonel John R. Elting (U.S. Army, Retired. Based on meticulous research into eyewitness accounts and official regulations, Knotel's plates cover the uniforms of the infantry, cavalry, artillery and special troops of Napoleon's allies and enemies.

The contents of these two volumes of Napoleonic Uniforms are:

Vassals and Allies
Confederation of the Rhine                               9
          Anhalt and Lippe                                   10
          Baden                                                   17
          Bavaria                                                 28
          Cleves-Berg                                          42
          Ducal Houses of Saxony                        46
          Frankfurt                                               54
          Hamburg                                               59
          Hesse-Darmstadt                                  63
          Mecklenburg                                         71
          Nassau                                                  75
          Oldenburg                                             83
          Saxony                                                  86
          Scwarzburg: Waldeck: Reuss                 116
          Westphalia                                             122
          Wurttemberg                                         154
          Wurzburg                                              176
Denmark                                                         181
Republic/Kingdom of Italy                               197
Kingdom of Naples                                         253
Joseph's Kingdom of Spain                             316
Republic/Kingdom of Holland                         325
Grand Duchy of Warsaw                                344


Austria                                                           375
Great Britain                                                  417
German States, 1814-1815                            452
Holland, 1814-1815                                      472
Portugal                                                         482
Prussia                                                          488
Russia                                                           555
Spain                                                            596
Sweden                                                        606
Minor States                                                 629

Emperors Press  ISBN 1883476208

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