by Patrick O'Brian, Thomas Hardy (Reader)

Audio Cassette, abridged, 3 hours on 2 cassettes.

Amazon.com Review:  This third segment takes Jack Aubrey to the Indian subcontinent, where both the waters and the terrain are full of unfamiliar dangers. There is, however, a prize in the offing: a flotilla of French ships sent to attack the China Fleet. If Aubrey and Maturin can intercept the French, their fortunes will be made. But can they? Join Captain Aubrey on the quarterdeck and find out for yourself.

Amazon.com Audiobook Review:  The stakes are high as HMS Surprise opens, and actor Robert Hardy's sterling reading never lets you forget them. Hardy makes Patrick O'Brian's third novel of high-seas adventure--written in 1973 and set mainly in 1805 on the waters surrounding India and the Orient--seem as immediate as an overdrawn checking account. Money plays a big role, and Captain Jack Aubrey stands to make a lot of it. All he has to do is find Napoleon's fleet--and take their gold away from them.

-Lou Schuler

Few, very few, books have made my heart thud with excitement. H.M.S. Surprise managed it. I read it cruising through the tame Adriatic, and several times found myself forced to pace about the deck to calm my pulse.

-Helen Lucy Burke
Irish Press

Random House (Audio)  ISBN 0375405240

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