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Joseph Albert Smith was born 26 April 1860, in Elkhorn, Kentucky, and married Wilda Jane Goodin on 3 December 1860. He died on 21 June 1921 in Two Buttes, Baca Co., Colorado. Wilda J. Goodin was born 19 March 1866 in Green County, Kentucky and died on 4 January 1959 in Mesa County, Colorado.

Joseph Albert Smith Family Woods County, OK, 1910

Back row (left to right): Delia Catherine, age 24, Joseph Daniel, age 16, William, age 21,
Nannie Anne, age 18 and Myrtle Lillie, age 12

Front row (left to right): Mary Thomas, age 25, Joseph Albert, age 50,
Wilda Jane (Goodin), age 44, McKinley, age 10

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