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Links to Other Napoleonic Literature Websites
  • John Schneider's Napoleonic Literature: Excellent site containing classic Napoleonic digital texts such as the Memoirs of Baron de Marbot and the Notebooks of Captain Coignet.
  • Napoleonic Literature Discussion Forum: Join the discussions on Napoleonic Literature!
  • Napoleonica.Org: Archives et documents napoléoniens. The Fondation Napoleon’s site for primary Napoleonic sources. "The site, designed built and run by the Fondation Napoléon, aims to put Napoleonic primary sources at the disposal of enthusiasts, researchers and historians via the Internet."
  • Robert Ouvrard, in association with the Vienna French Institute, is in the process of digitizing ALL of Napoleon's Correspondance. Correspondance de Napoléon Ier (1804-1821) The Empire and Correspondance de Napoléon Ier (1769-1804) Revolutionary Period.
  • Martin Boycott-Brown, the author of the new book The Road to Rivoli: Napoleon's First Campaign: "The intention behind this site is to provide users with historical information that may be difficult to obtain by other means. To begin with, it will concentrate on the Napoleonic era, using material related to the author's forthcoming book, The Road to Rivoli: Napoleon's First Campaign." Among the material located on the site:
    Bibliographies: the main source works for The Road to Rivoli. Several hundred books and articles listed
    Miscellaneous: a conversion table showing some of the different measures of length in use during the Napoleonic period.
  • Gaslight's Napoleonic Era Literature: The Gaslight site contains an amazing number of Gaslight Era tales of adventure and mystery, along with a group of Napoleonic Era short stories and essays.
  • War Times Journal: This site has an excellent selection of Napoleonic articles, letters, dispatches and memoirs.
  • 1805-14 Historia Militar: José Antonio Aded's excellent website is dedicated to the history and uniformology of the Peninsular War; there are numerous articles, documents, biographies, etc.
  • Michael A. Taenzer's King's German Legion @nline: Excellent site containing digital texts and an extensive bibliography of sources regarding the King's German Legion.
  • John Kohnen's Nautical Literature: Large nautical bibliography and links to digital texts.
  • Catalogue of the Kuehner Napoleon Collection at Christian Brother's University: Extensive bibliography of Napoleonic titles.
  • Documents in Military History at Hillsdale College: Nice collection of Napoleonic era accounts.
Napoleonic Sites
  • Napoléon: La Fondation Napoléon: Excellent bi-lingual French and English Site, updated daily, covering all things Napoleonic. Their weekly newsletter is highly recommended!
  • The Napoleon Series: Outstanding site containing a variety of articles, reviews, and discussion forums. New material is added to the site continually, including translated documents such as the Code Napoleon.
  • Les médailles de Ste Hélène "This website presents information regarding the Sainte Helene's medal. Created in 1857 by Napoleon III, it rewards the 390,000 soldiers still living in 1857, who had fought with Napoleon I during the 1792-1815 wars."
Related Sites
  • The Regency Collection: Entertaining site devoted to the Regency Era. Learn more about Regency life and all the details associated with the era. There is a nice section on English Military life during the Peninsular War; includes a digital text of The Autobiography of Harry Smith.

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